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How To Pick The Right Plant Hire

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When it comes to plant hire, the key is knowing what to hire and when. Different machines are built for different jobs, so it’s important you know what they are, how they differ and the best tool for the project at hand. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide on the popular types and what they’re used for, to help you pick the perfect plant.

What Is Plant Hire?

Plant hire is the process of hiring construction and agricultural machinery to complete building, clearing and landscaping tasks. It consists of many different types of machinery that can be used for digging, clearing, transporting and access. To help shed some light on this, we’ve gone into more detail below.

The Different Kinds Of Plant Hire

There’s a large variety of machinery to choose from when it comes to plant hire. However, we’ve narrowed it down to the three most popular types,  to streamline your decision-making process:

Small Digger And Dumoer

Excavators & Mini Diggers

Excavators and mini diggers are the powerhouses of the plant hire industry. They’re extremely versatile and come in a range of different sizes for your convenience. Whether you’re looking to clear waste, dig a footing, grade a building site, or lay a foundation, an excavator is the perfect piece of machinery. What’s more, you can even hire micro diggers for internal projects to avoid hand-digging tight areas.


Dumpers tend to go hand in hand with excavators. They’re exceptionally good at traversing difficult terrain and transporting tonnes of material. Whether it’s on a construction site or across acres of land, a dumper can go on the road, grass, mud or stone to carry waste or building products. There are a variety of sizes to choose from when it comes to plant hire, so whether you need a small dumper for demolition or a large dumper for mass haulage, you’re covered.


Rollers are a common type of machinery due to the sheer amount of road work and compaction required in the UK. They work by vibrating a large, heavy metal wheel and slowly compacting any sub-base or soil beneath. As a result, they’re perfect for public roadworks and private driveways. So if you’ve got an upcoming project with a lot of aggregate to compact, then a roller may be the perfect choice.

Get In Touch With Evan’s Plant Hire To Find Out More

If you’re looking for plant hire, then look no further than Evans Plant Hire. We’ve got a range of well-maintained equipment to help suit any upcoming construction project. To book now, or find out more, give us a call.


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