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Aggregates For Sale

We have a wide variety of aggregates for sale, composed of various sizes and make-ups for those in and around Carmarthen. We can help you with large and small supplies on a one-off or consistent basis. Our aggregates are of a high standard. This is ensured as we perform all the crushing as well as screening of the products in house. We take care of everything in house, raw material acquisition, manufacture, delivery, and if required, we can also perform installation. Let us know the level of assistance you require for your project and we will help. Our team is just a phone call or email away.

We Specialise In Recycled Aggregates

Various Sizes & Make-ups For Any Project

Our aggregate range will help you complete a wide range of projects at any scale. We can ensure a smooth delivery at whatever interval you require, helping you achieve project specification as well as schedule.

Get in touch to arrange a delivery of our aggregates. We can source virgin, and many other forms of aggregates, should you require something not listed above.


We can offer great quality topsoil to help you complete your domestic or commercial landscaping, construction, or civil engineering projects. Our fleet is on hand with qualified operators to help you on the ground as well as with materials and delivery. If you require any plant machinery or operators alongside your topsoil supply, let us know. Our team is here to help.

Aggregates range from coarse through to medium grain material. The four most common aggregates are crushed stone, gravel, sand, and fill.

Aggregates should be stored on stable, level ground to promote safety. They should also be kept clean and as dry as possible. We separate our aggregates with walls to ensure the products do not mix with one another.

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Get in touch with us to discuss our topsoil and selection of aggregates for sale. We will be happy to arrange a delivery for you.

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