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Stone Crushing & Screening

We can perform crushing and screening for those in and around the area of Carmarthen. This process allows us to offer our customers recycled aggregates. Any raw materials we acquire can be placed into our crusher and broken into whatever sized stone we require. The screening part of the process then allows us to separate them into batches to suit their intended use. Our operators on site have CPCS cards as well as a wealth of experience. We can help you with a large number of projects that require such products, including groundworks, the construction of retaining walls, hard landscaping, and civil engineering tasks. Get in touch with us to discuss our range of products.

We Bring The Process To You

Well Maintained Machinery

Any operation that produces and supplies such products must be backed by well maintained equipment and robust processes to ensure their continued functioning. We ensure our machines are serviced regularly, giving them the respect they deserve. This helps us make quality products that are also produced reliably. Of course, breakdowns are part of any machine’s life. However, we diminish any downtime with best practice.

Repurpose Or Take Away

When we perform any crushing and screening, it allows us the option to repurpose the material that is removed from a given site. You can use this material to perform any work on your own site, or indeed, if you simply require a muck away service, let us recycle the aggregates or topsoil for those that require it elsewhere. Whatever you decide to do, we have the staff and vehicles required to help you with your site, or transport it where needed.

Screening is the part of the process that separates the various sizes of aggregate into their correct categories. This makes a consistent aggregate size per batch.

There are three main stages involved in crushing: primary, secondary, and tertiary. These all have different benefits. Primary crushing forces break large rocks into smaller pieces before they are then subject to the following crushing forces. Each crushing stage is applied to help break down any aggregates into appropriately sized pieces with respect to the stage before.

To Book Our Recycled Aggregate Services Call Today

Get in touch with our team to book our on-site crushing and screening service. Let us know your plans and we will provide a free, no-obligation quotation.

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